World of Warcraft TBC Mining Guide


Mining is a profession that allows you to locate and mine various Ores, Raw Gems, and Stones from resource nodes and certain mobs (Ore Skinning) that are scattered across the World of Warcraft platform. Being one of the most efficient primary skills, the materials obtained from mining and the items that can be created by miners are reagents that are required for recipes within the other professions. The following guide will show you the fastest way to train your Shadowlands Mining profession from levels 1 to 375 in this wow TBC mining guide.

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Mining Trainers

You can learn the Mining profession from any of the following trainers listed, depending upon your respective factions. Alternatively, you can always walk up to a guard in the central city and ask them for the precise location – which will then add a red flag marker on your map for this wow TBC mining guide.

Horde Faction Trainers: Makaru in Orgrimmar, Brom Killian in Undercity, Brek Stonehoof in Thunder Bluff, Johan Focht in Silverpine Forest, Krunn in Durotar, Pikkle in Tanaris, and Belil in Silvermoon City.

Alliance Faction Trainers: Geofram Bouldertoe in Ironforge, Gelman Stonehand in Stormwind City, Kurdram Stonehammer in Darkshore, Matt Johnson in Duskwood, Yarr Hammerstone in Dun Morogh, Pikkle in Tanaris, and Muaat in The Exodar.

TBC Trainers: Horde Faction players can learn the TBC Mining skill from Hurnak Grimmord at the Honor Hold (Hellfire Peninsula), and the Alliance Faction players can learn it from Krugosh at Thrallmar (Hellfire Peninsula) in this mining leveling guide TBC.

Levels 1 to 290: Alternate Method

You can always skip the first 290 levels by smelting ores, but do keep in mind that this method is quite expensive. Also, if you are collecting ores for Jewel Crafting, or you want to simply mine to gain your levels, then you can skip this section. Most of the smelting recipes are either yellow or green, so listing the exact number of ores required is not possible for this mining leveling guide TBC. However, here is an approximate number.

From levels 1 to 65, you can Smelt Copper. From levels 65 to 75, you can Smelt Tin. From levels 75 to 105, you can Smelt Bronze. From levels 105 to 125, you can Smelt Silver. From levels 125 to 155, you can Smelt Iron. From levels 155 to 175, you can Smelt Gold. From levels 175 to 200, you can Smelt Mithril. From levels 200 to 230, you can continue Smelting Mithril (after learning Artisan Mining from your respective trainers). From levels 230 to 250, you can Smelt True Silver. Finally, from levels 250 to 290, you can Smelt Thorium.

Levels 1 to 65

You can start off by heading to one of the following zones; Durotar, Mulgore, Tirisfal Glades, Elywnn Forest, Darkshore, Dun Morogh, or any other starter zone, as each one of them has Copper Ore that can be gathered. Players who are playing as Night Elves have to wait until they reach the Darkshore region to level their Mining because Teldrassil doesn’t have any Copper Ore.

Levels 65 to 165

First, visit your respective faction trainers and learn the art of Journeyman Mining. The ores available at Hillsbrad Foothills, Redridge Mountains, Ashenvale, and The Barrens are; Tin Ore, Copper Ore, and Silver Ore. You have to gather ores here until you reach level 125 in the Mining Profession.

Levels 125 to 175

Now visit your respective faction trainers and learn the art of Expert Mining. The ores available at the Arathi Highlands, Desolace, and Thousand Needles are; Tin Ore, Iron Ore, and Gold Ore. You have to gather ores here until you reach level 175 in the Mining Profession.

Levels 175 to 245

It’s time to visit your respective faction trainers and learn the art of Artisan Mining. The ores available at The Hinterlands and Tanaris are; Mithril Ore and True SIlver Ore. You have to gather ores here until you reach level 245 in the Mining Profession.

Levels 245 to 275

You need to now head to either; Un’Goro Crater, Blasted Lands, or Felwood to gather Mithril Ore, True Silver Ore, and Thorium Ore till you reach level 275 in the Mining Profession. The routes are shown in the given picture to make the process easier for you.

Levels 275 to 300

It’s time to switch to Thorium Ore and Mithril Ore, and you can also mine Rich Thorium Veins now. From levels 275 to 300, you have to gather ores in Un’goro Crater, Eastern Plaguelands, Winterspring, or Burning Steppes.

Levels 300 to 325

You have to now learn the TBC Mining skill from Hurnak Grimmord of the Alliance faction at Honor Hold (Hellfire Peninsula), or Krugosh of the Horde faction at Thrallmar (Hellfire Peninsula). Once you do, you can take any of the following routes. However, it is recommended that you use Route #1 and #2 if your character level is 70 and you have access to a flying mount. Both the routes have Fel Iron ores, so there’s not much of a difference. Also, if you don’t have access to a flying mount and your character level is lower than 70, you can take Route #3.

Levels 325 to 350

In the Terokkar Forest, you will find a few Rich Adamantite Nodes that cannot be mined until you are level 350 in the Mining profession. Also, they spawn in areas that are accessible by flying mounts, so players that are low in combat level will have no issues here. The areas available for these levels are; Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest (Flying Mount), and Terokkar Forest (Without Flying Mount).

Levels 350 to 375

Finally, it is recommended that you achieve the final levels in Nagrand, Shadowmoon Valley, or Netherstorm. The following routes are for players with access to flying mounts, and you can mine anything here except Khorium. So, if you are not character level 70, it’s best that you focus on levelling up and obtaining a flying mount since it’s not worth moving forward if you haven’t filled in these requirements. However, alternatively, if you want to reach level 375 with a low-level character, then stick to Terokkar Forest or Zangarmarsh, because of the Adamantite and Fel Iron ores that they offer.

How to Win in Warsong Gulch in World of Warcraft

Warsong Gulch is one of the most popular battlegrounds in World of Warcraft because of its classic “Capture the Flag” rules. Each team has one flag on its bases, and the goal is to bring the opposing team’s flag to your base to capture it. The most powerful classes in this Battleground are Druids, Priests, Warlocks, and Rogues. Warsong Gulch is the first available battleground, becoming available at level 10.
As always, organized teams are far better than random PuGs that come from simply entering the instance. When in Warsong Gulch, the best class to carry the flag would be the Druid. Due to their travel form, they can go much faster than normal players. Also, druids excel at healing themselves on the go, second only to Priests who don’t have the superior mobility that Druids have.

Often in Warsong Gulch “turtling” occurs. Turtling is when both sides have the opposing team’s flag and are both playing defense. This is not good, since neither team gets honor or experience in this manner. The two best classes to end turtles are rogues and mages (and maybe druids a little). These classes have the highest burst damage available. As a rogue, stealth up, ambush, SinisterStrike/Gouge, Vanish, Sap, Ambush, Sinister Strike and he’s dead. As a Mage go to their flag room roof, Cast Arcane Power, Pop all your trinkets, cast Pyroblast, Presence of Mind, and Pyroblast again, easy 2-hit kill every 3 minutes.

Some good places to hide with the flag are on your roof, If you are in the Horde in the log roll chamber, and if you are Alliance on the cliffs next to your base. Caster classes have the upper hand in this battleground since it has much hiding and casting spots. Also, it’s fun to throw people off the cliffs with knockback abilities.

As always healing classes are wonderful in this BG since healing is amazing for all non DPS classes. Priests shine in PVP heals with their coveted Holy Nova in tight situations for some mana-burning but otherwise, pain-free heals and kills. Power Word: Shield is also an efficient way to Rogue-proof a flag carrier and to protect him from harm’s way.

Make sure to use the tunnel when carrying the flag, since you are not gimped by speed as you are when you are outside the base, also you can hide without being seen by performing /lie when on the horde flag. A glitch in the terrain will cause your character to be hidden from sight.

World of Warcraft – Warlock Guide

A unique feature of warlocks is the dependence on talent points. A warlock can vastly change their play style based upon which talent tree they specialize in. From powerful curses, to summoning the dreaded felguard, a warlock must learn all aspects of the talent tree to determine their casting powers. The next section of this guide will look in depth for all three talent trees, starting with the affliction tree.
The affliction tree concentrates on damage over time and curses. This build is well suited for those warlocks that like to watch their target die slowly from maximized curses. One of the first talents any warlock should maximize is Improved Corruption. This talent reduces the total casting time of the Corruption spell to a point where it becomes instant cast. No matter what build a warlock chooses, this talent is a must for all.

Further down the talent tree is Nightfall. This talent will sometimes allow a caster to instantaneously cast Shadowbolt. Although the percentage for a successful cast is low (4% if maxed out) it seems to proc quite often when you cast Corruption.

If enough talent points are spent in the affliction tree, the warlock can learn new curses. An important curse to learn is Curse of Exhaustion. This curse will reduce the target’s speed by 30% and is very useful when kiting around a target. For those not familiar with warlock kiting it is very simple to do. Cast Curse of Exhaustion, Corruption, Immolate, and Siphon Life if you have it. The key thing is to keep a far enough distance away from your target so that it cannot hit you. If done correctly, even high level elites can be kited and killed with slow damage over time.

Siphon Life is another DOT which act’s as a healing spell. At rank 6, Siphon Life will transfer 66 life to the caster every 3 seconds. This spell is affected by items that increase spell damage or healing. It is not uncommon to see high level warlocks using Siphon Life to gain over 100 hit points every 3 seconds. In addition to being another DOT, it is very useful when attacking mobs. If numerous targets are affected with Siphon Life, a warlock has a higher survivability as each target will contribute to the healing process.

One of the most important talents in the affliction tree is Improved Howl of Terror. To maximize this talent it takes 2 points however the effect is very powerful. A warlock with a maximized Improved Howl of Terror will be able to instant cast this spell. Not only does this offer a warlock another fear option, it affects all enemies in the area. This skill is especially handy is pvp and battlegrounds. It is not uncommon to see a warlock as the main line of defense in Arathi Basin as the Improved Howl of Terror will not allow opponents to capture flags easily.

The final talent that is obtainable in the affliction tree is Unstable Affliction. This is essentially another DOT with a twist. If this is dispelled, the target will take 1575 damage and will be silenced for 5 seconds. This is very useful in pvp situations, especially against casters. A caster who is silenced for 5 seconds can be easily killed.

The affliction tree concentrates on improved curses and added damage over time. This tree is very useful for warlocks that like to stack DOT’s on targets and watch them slowly perish over time. Warlocks that follow this tree should concentrate on obtaining gear that increases their spell damage as well as spell hit rating. Critical strike is not as important as the damage is dealt over time. Affliction warlocks can be a valuable addition to any raid or pvp group.

Making Money in Runescape F2P

This is the 4th installment in my series of articles on how to make money in Runescape for both Free players and Members. You can find the original here, and the rest of the articles can be found somewhere on this page. This article focuses mainly on money-making methods for Free players, but some of my other articles are directed towards members. Let’s get started!
Method 1: Killing Hill Giants. Bones are a valuable training commodity throughout runescape, mostly because they’re the main way to train the Prayer skill. Big bones and dragon bones are often in high demand, and luckily hill giants are an easy-to-kill supplier of big bones. To start, you’ll need armor, a weapon, a brass key (which you can buy), and a decent combat level. Head west out of Varrock until you reach a river. Don’t cross the river, but head north until you find a little shack. Use the brass key on the shack, then head down the ladder. Start killing hill giants. Don’t bury the big bones, but hold onto them. Also, if you get a limpwurt root as a drop hold onto it. Once your inventory is full, head to the Grand Exchange and sell everything. Rinse and repeat.

Method 2: Fist of Guthix. This isn’t the best method for making money, but if you really love playing Fist of Guthix or don’t have much to do it can be entertaining. Head to Fist of Guthix, switch to a themeworld, grab your gear and play. Every time you play a game you’ll receive some tokens as a reward. Keep playing until you have enough tokens to buy one of the more expensive or useful items, like rune gauntlets, a rune berserker shield or combat robes. After you buy them, either use up all of their charges or ask the shop owner to uncharge them. You can then go to the Grand Exchange and sell them for a decent amount of money. I would really only recommend this to people with a lot of time on their hands or who really enjoy the game. For a full guide for Fist of Guthix, read this page.

Method 3: Mining coal. This isn’t the best or the funnest method, but it does get the job done. You’ll need 50 mining, but a higher mining level will get you more cash faster. This method simply involves mining coal, banking it, and repeating until you want to sell it. I recommend doing this in the Falador mine, and if you have a high enough level the mining guild is perfect for this. This is a fairly popular method because there is always someone buying coal for some reason or other, so you’re guaranteed to always have customers on the Grand Exchange.

I wish you good luck on your quest to get money, and enjoy whatever stuff you buy with it. Have fun! Also, please check out my other articles.

“The First Templar” Review

The true gamer at heart is one who lives, breaths and eats all things gaming…. or maybe that’s just me.
Lately I have found myself wrapped up in a game that I find to be less entertaining than the title suggests, but can’t seem to put it down. For fans of Dragon Age Origins, comes a game called The First Templar has been running on my pc for the last week now.

I was immediately reminded of the overall impending doom of the worlds events like the first Dragon Age, but I was left disappointed by a few things.

But first, the stuff I liked. The game’s story is fairly engaging and the voice acting runs smooth and silky while the cut scenes are short and too the point. The visuals are crisp and bright making it easy to see the gorgeous scenery during the outdoor parts of the game. The glow of the sun beaming off your sword as it slices through enemies with a satisfying ‘thwak’ has a feeling of calm because the birds and cheerful display just make it all warm and cozy. Swapping between usable characters is just a tap of a button and orders can be given with little to no effort (since there are only 3 orders at any one time you can use) while the mini map shows your where to go and where to get to your side quests. It’s all laid out in such a way that I feel the I could really have a great time playing this all the way through.

So here is the catch, while I play this game, i start to feel like there is always a guy from the development team standing right beside me going “oh oh, go here… yes perfect…. no no i didn’t allow you to walk that way, you have to go around….. noooo it’s just up there, see?”

The game play itself is simple and mindless, not much thinking required to learn how to fight and be good at it, which at times is a welcome gift, but when it provides little challenge even in the harder settings it becomes dull after a while. Your stuck doing a 1-2 method of shield and sword while little to no extra abilities to swoop in and rain down your person wrath on the opponents. Even still I can deal with that for a while but what troubles me further is the sheer lack of exploration. The game leads you down a fairly straight forward path, and while is can be easy to miss a chest every now and then, there isn’t much more than that one chest to find since the rest just seem to be on your path anyway. Your character is supposed to be super good so finding traps and tracking people is something your given at full potential with no learning or upgrading. You start out and BAM your amazing at all type of traps and following people. Loot is sparse in the game and it’s not focused on at all making the player engage more in the fighting and leveling the characters. While this can be good, the leveling is about the same for all characters with out much specialization.

Still, I enjoy this game because it’s the sort of story that is compelling enough to keep me interested in where it’s going. It’s bright, it’s easy, it’s clean… sadly it’s just not as deeply routed in rpg routes enough to really hit me hard, and with little to no incentive to replay the game it’s really just a once over. A staggering 5.2 out of 10 for The First Templar, a easily playable, yet unsatisfying result.

Story – 7, Awesome, just awesome who doesn’t love Templar’s and the holy Grail?

Graphics – 7, they were clean and crisp but not hitting the levels of Crysis 2, still they made me feel warm n fuzzy

Sounds – 8, voices were excellent, the sounds were crisp and well placed, the music is epic and you never get tired of it.

Gameplay and mechanics – 4 character usage was simple but it was hard to walk through the levels because of invisible walls, and little to fight with aside from the 1,2,1,2 fighting command

Replay value – 2, it’s slightly possible to back and find those one or two chests you missed but it wouldn’t be much fun

Over All – 5.2, fun to listen to, nice to look at, but repetative gameplay and no incentive to return to it later.

NBA 2K11 Cover to Be Michael Jordan

The NBA 2K11 cover athlete will be Michael Jordan. The choice of Michael Jordan to represent the cover of NBA 2K11 is a bit of a mystery, but there could be two schools of thought when debating the decision that 2K Sports has gone with here. The first is the most obvious reason to put Michael Jordan on the new NBA 2K11 cover, and that is because Jordan is considered to be one of the best basketball players of all time. Having him grace the cover seems to be a great way to pay homage to him, and it certainly will make the game more interesting to those who have been fans of the NBA for many years. In fact, this makes the game more palatable for fans from the 1990’s.
The other reason that NBA 2K11 may be making a very smart move with Jordan on the cover is the current state of NBA free agency. Some of the biggest names in the game could be changing teams, and quite a few of them are worthy of being on the cover of any basketball game. The question surrounding which team they might play for, and how marketable each player might be at the beginning of the 2010-11 NBA season, is what may throw into question how likable said player might be.

What if LeBron James bolts out of Cleveland, but his new destination isn’t accepted by fans right away? Ditto Dwyane Wade, if he were to suddenly leave the Miami Heat, would he be as good of a salesman on the cover of a 2K game? Maybe it’s just better to avoid all risk and go with one of the all-time greats in Michael Jordan. It’s sometimes best to just play it safe, and this allows production runs to go into play for the cases themselves as soon as possible.

It will be quite interesting to see what the reaction of the gaming world will be to having Michael Jordan on the game cover, and if it actually turns out to be a boost in sales for them. 2K games are some of the top selling titles in the industry, and it will be a hit even without Jordan on the front, but this could make it even more intriguing to the older demographic of gamers. Players like Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant have been placed on the cover in prior year’s releases of 2K titles, and now Jordan joins a long line of great players with that honor.

NBA 2K11 will be released on October 5, 2010, allowing fans to get their first glimpse of the latest title that will be available for online play.