Obtaining gems in New World is entirely dependent on your luck and nothing else. You can get them from mining various ores, such as Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Star Metal, and Orichalcum; however, the chances are quite rare. A good suggestion while mining ores is to eat food in the potato family so that your mining luck increases by a few percent, or alternatively, you can equip the Miner’s Charm, which is also effective.

The best chance comes from mining Iron and Silver, as both are abundant around Windsward. There are several players who have also reported that the Amrine Expedition is a reliable source to obtain new world gems. Such expeditions unlock once you have acquired the Azoth Staff. So, you need to make sure that you complete the Hermit’s quests before trying out this strategy.

Other than that, players who are wealthy can purchase gems from the trading post. It’s worth noting that gems come in four different varieties, with the rarer gems offering powerful perks.


Finding the gems is the initial step because after that you need to refine them through a crafting process that requires special motes or essences to correspond with the elements of the new world gems. Motes are specific to certain plants that can be obtained while harvesting at level 50 or higher.

Mote Locations

Water Motes can be found at Rivercress in Windsward and Everfall, and Springstone node in Monarch’s Bluffs. Fire Motes can be found at Dragonglory in Windsward, and Scorchstone mining node. Air Motes can be found at Shockbulb in Monarch’s Bluff, and Shockspire node in Windsward and First Light. Earth Motes can be found at Earthspine in Brigand’s Pass and Weaver’s Fen, and Earthcrag node in Windsward and First Light. Death Motes can be found at Blightroot in Lake Genevieve, and Blightcrag node in Windsward and First Light. and Soul Motes can be found at Soulsprout Everfall and Windsward, and Soulspire node in Everfall and Windsward.

World Gems

World Gems can be socketed into the armor or weapons by dragging the stone onto the equipment piece. However, you need to be sure while placing the gemstone because you can remove it, and the only way is to completely destroy it for new world best gems. Gems have two different effects depending upon where its placed. On weapons, they augment the attack and when placed on an armor piece, it enhances the defensive attributes.

If you end up with gems that you don’t wish to use, then you can always sell them off at the trading post for new world best gems. They often fetch a high price regardless of the settlement that you’re currently in. While gems are just a part of crafting good equipment, you also need to focus on raising your crafting levels and get lucky in drops.


Here’s a list of the available Gemstones in New World and their effects when socketed.

Topaz converts damage to lightning or offers lightning resistance. Ruby converts damage to fire or offers fire resistance. Moonstone increases damage when health is lower than 30% or reduces slash damage. Onyx increases damage dealt with enemies at full health or increases damage resistance. Opal increases damage when stamina is low or increases elemental absorption. Sapphire converts damage to arcane or offers arcane resistance. Jasper increases damage after you take three consecutive hits or increases Strike resistance. Malachite increases damage against enemies afflicted with CC or reduce elemental damage. New world amber gem converts damage to nature or reduces incoming nature damage, for new world amber gem. Amethyst converts damage to void or reduces incoming void damage. Aquamarine converts damage to ice or reduces incoming ice damage. Diamond increases damage while at full health or increases physical and elemental absorption. Emerald increases damage against opponents with low HP or reduces thrust damage.