Warsong Gulch is one of the most popular battlegrounds in World of Warcraft because of its classic “Capture the Flag” rules. Each team has one flag on its bases, and the goal is to bring the opposing team’s flag to your base to capture it. The most powerful classes in this Battleground are Druids, Priests, Warlocks, and Rogues. Warsong Gulch is the first available battleground, becoming available at level 10.
As always, organized teams are far better than random PuGs that come from simply entering the instance. When in Warsong Gulch, the best class to carry the flag would be the Druid. Due to their travel form, they can go much faster than normal players. Also, druids excel at healing themselves on the go, second only to Priests who don’t have the superior mobility that Druids have.

Often in Warsong Gulch “turtling” occurs. Turtling is when both sides have the opposing team’s flag and are both playing defense. This is not good, since neither team gets honor or experience in this manner. The two best classes to end turtles are rogues and mages (and maybe druids a little). These classes have the highest burst damage available. As a rogue, stealth up, ambush, SinisterStrike/Gouge, Vanish, Sap, Ambush, Sinister Strike and he’s dead. As a Mage go to their flag room roof, Cast Arcane Power, Pop all your trinkets, cast Pyroblast, Presence of Mind, and Pyroblast again, easy 2-hit kill every 3 minutes.

Some good places to hide with the flag are on your roof, If you are in the Horde in the log roll chamber, and if you are Alliance on the cliffs next to your base. Caster classes have the upper hand in this battleground since it has much hiding and casting spots. Also, it’s fun to throw people off the cliffs with knockback abilities.

As always healing classes are wonderful in this BG since healing is amazing for all non DPS classes. Priests shine in PVP heals with their coveted Holy Nova in tight situations for some mana-burning but otherwise, pain-free heals and kills. Power Word: Shield is also an efficient way to Rogue-proof a flag carrier and to protect him from harm’s way.

Make sure to use the tunnel when carrying the flag, since you are not gimped by speed as you are when you are outside the base, also you can hide without being seen by performing /lie when on the horde flag. A glitch in the terrain will cause your character to be hidden from sight.