Mining is a profession that allows you to locate and mine various Ores, Raw Gems, and Stones from resource nodes and certain mobs (Ore Skinning) that are scattered across the World of Warcraft platform. Being one of the most efficient primary skills, the materials obtained from mining and the items that can be created by miners are reagents that are required for recipes within the other professions. The following guide will show you the fastest way to train your Shadowlands Mining profession from levels 1 to 375 in this wow TBC mining guide.

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Mining Trainers

You can learn the Mining profession from any of the following trainers listed, depending upon your respective factions. Alternatively, you can always walk up to a guard in the central city and ask them for the precise location – which will then add a red flag marker on your map for this wow TBC mining guide.

Horde Faction Trainers: Makaru in Orgrimmar, Brom Killian in Undercity, Brek Stonehoof in Thunder Bluff, Johan Focht in Silverpine Forest, Krunn in Durotar, Pikkle in Tanaris, and Belil in Silvermoon City.

Alliance Faction Trainers: Geofram Bouldertoe in Ironforge, Gelman Stonehand in Stormwind City, Kurdram Stonehammer in Darkshore, Matt Johnson in Duskwood, Yarr Hammerstone in Dun Morogh, Pikkle in Tanaris, and Muaat in The Exodar.

TBC Trainers: Horde Faction players can learn the TBC Mining skill from Hurnak Grimmord at the Honor Hold (Hellfire Peninsula), and the Alliance Faction players can learn it from Krugosh at Thrallmar (Hellfire Peninsula) in this mining leveling guide TBC.

Levels 1 to 290: Alternate Method

You can always skip the first 290 levels by smelting ores, but do keep in mind that this method is quite expensive. Also, if you are collecting ores for Jewel Crafting, or you want to simply mine to gain your levels, then you can skip this section. Most of the smelting recipes are either yellow or green, so listing the exact number of ores required is not possible for this mining leveling guide TBC. However, here is an approximate number.

From levels 1 to 65, you can Smelt Copper. From levels 65 to 75, you can Smelt Tin. From levels 75 to 105, you can Smelt Bronze. From levels 105 to 125, you can Smelt Silver. From levels 125 to 155, you can Smelt Iron. From levels 155 to 175, you can Smelt Gold. From levels 175 to 200, you can Smelt Mithril. From levels 200 to 230, you can continue Smelting Mithril (after learning Artisan Mining from your respective trainers). From levels 230 to 250, you can Smelt True Silver. Finally, from levels 250 to 290, you can Smelt Thorium.

Levels 1 to 65

You can start off by heading to one of the following zones; Durotar, Mulgore, Tirisfal Glades, Elywnn Forest, Darkshore, Dun Morogh, or any other starter zone, as each one of them has Copper Ore that can be gathered. Players who are playing as Night Elves have to wait until they reach the Darkshore region to level their Mining because Teldrassil doesn’t have any Copper Ore.

Levels 65 to 165

First, visit your respective faction trainers and learn the art of Journeyman Mining. The ores available at Hillsbrad Foothills, Redridge Mountains, Ashenvale, and The Barrens are; Tin Ore, Copper Ore, and Silver Ore. You have to gather ores here until you reach level 125 in the Mining Profession.

Levels 125 to 175

Now visit your respective faction trainers and learn the art of Expert Mining. The ores available at the Arathi Highlands, Desolace, and Thousand Needles are; Tin Ore, Iron Ore, and Gold Ore. You have to gather ores here until you reach level 175 in the Mining Profession.

Levels 175 to 245

It’s time to visit your respective faction trainers and learn the art of Artisan Mining. The ores available at The Hinterlands and Tanaris are; Mithril Ore and True SIlver Ore. You have to gather ores here until you reach level 245 in the Mining Profession.

Levels 245 to 275

You need to now head to either; Un’Goro Crater, Blasted Lands, or Felwood to gather Mithril Ore, True Silver Ore, and Thorium Ore till you reach level 275 in the Mining Profession. The routes are shown in the given picture to make the process easier for you.

Levels 275 to 300

It’s time to switch to Thorium Ore and Mithril Ore, and you can also mine Rich Thorium Veins now. From levels 275 to 300, you have to gather ores in Un’goro Crater, Eastern Plaguelands, Winterspring, or Burning Steppes.

Levels 300 to 325

You have to now learn the TBC Mining skill from Hurnak Grimmord of the Alliance faction at Honor Hold (Hellfire Peninsula), or Krugosh of the Horde faction at Thrallmar (Hellfire Peninsula). Once you do, you can take any of the following routes. However, it is recommended that you use Route #1 and #2 if your character level is 70 and you have access to a flying mount. Both the routes have Fel Iron ores, so there’s not much of a difference. Also, if you don’t have access to a flying mount and your character level is lower than 70, you can take Route #3.

Levels 325 to 350

In the Terokkar Forest, you will find a few Rich Adamantite Nodes that cannot be mined until you are level 350 in the Mining profession. Also, they spawn in areas that are accessible by flying mounts, so players that are low in combat level will have no issues here. The areas available for these levels are; Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest (Flying Mount), and Terokkar Forest (Without Flying Mount).

Levels 350 to 375

Finally, it is recommended that you achieve the final levels in Nagrand, Shadowmoon Valley, or Netherstorm. The following routes are for players with access to flying mounts, and you can mine anything here except Khorium. So, if you are not character level 70, it’s best that you focus on levelling up and obtaining a flying mount since it’s not worth moving forward if you haven’t filled in these requirements. However, alternatively, if you want to reach level 375 with a low-level character, then stick to Terokkar Forest or Zangarmarsh, because of the Adamantite and Fel Iron ores that they offer.